How to pack a bottle

Seems simple right? Here are our tried and tested tips for worry-free bottle packing.

We’ve updated our tips so now they’re even more useful.


    Before you decide to post a bottle check that your bottle has not been opened, that it is fit for sale and not leaking. We recommend leaving each bottle on its side for 24 hours before checking to see if it is leaking.

    Also check that it hasn’t been opened already!

    If you’re not entirely sure whether your item is sellable check our tips on how to sell or request a free valuation.

  2. Step 2

    BAG IT

    Remove the bottle from its box and place it in a plastic bag. This protects other items in the package in the event that your bottle leaks in transit.

  3. Step 3

    BOX IT

    Return the bottle to its box.

  4. Step 4


    Wrap your bottle/box in plenty of bubble wrap. You can reuse bubble wrap so keep any you receive for this purpose.

  5. Step 5


    Half-fill a large sturdy box with polystyrene (or similar softening). Again, this is something that can be reused so keep a stock of any useful packaging that you receive.

  6. Step 6


    Place the bottle securely in the center of the box.

    If you plan to pack more than one bottle in a single box then use cardboard dividers to separate each of the bottles. Alternatively you can pack the bottles in vacuum packs.

    Vacuum packs can also be reused but do take extra care when inserting a bottle into a prefilled pack as it can be a tight fit.

  7. Step 7


    Don’t forget to include your packing slip in the box.

    Our packing slips are quick and easy to complete.

  8. Step 8


    Add more polystyrene to fill in any remaining gaps. Then close the box.

  9. Step 9


    Seal the box with strong tape.

  10. Step 10


    Each box you send us must have our address clearly printed as follows:

    Elixir House
    Whitby Avenue
    Park Royal
    NW10 7SF

  11. Step 11


    If you’re an international seller you also need to provide a commercial invoice. This can be completed in our quick and easy international sellers packing slip and should be attached to the outside of the box in a sealed envelope clearly labelled ‘CUSTOMS DOCUMENTS’.

  12. Step 12


    Send your parcels with your preferred courier or contact us to discuss arranging collection from you.

    We recommend you photograph your parcel before you despatch it.

  13. SELL IT

    Now relax and wait for us to confirm your parcel’s arrival through your account.

    While you wait you can research other topics such as how to sell spirits at auction and how to set a reserve price for your bottles.

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