International Sellers

We make it easy to sell your fine spirits and wine at auction from anywhere in the world

How do I complete a customs declaration form to sell spirits and wine at Whisky.Auction?
You will find everything you need to sell whisky or sell wine at auction here.

Do I need to complete a customs declaration form?
Yes, you need to declare items correctly on the customs declaration.
Whatever shipment you choose, you will be asked to provide details about each bottle for customs clearance (and valuation if you insure the parcel).
Save time by completing our super quick and easy customs friendly international packing slip here.

To pay duty or not to pay duty? That is the question...
When you despatch your parcel you will be asked if you want to pay customs charges up front or if you want the recipient (that’s us) to pay. We call this DDP or DDU.
DDP - If you choose to pay all duties up front then your parcel will be ‘Delivered Duty Paid’ (DDP). This means you pay all your duty and VAT charges in advance. The advantage of DDP is that you know your costs in advance and customs clearance delays are unlikely so it can make delivery to us quicker.
DDU - We normally recommend parcels be ‘Delivered Duty Unpaid’ (DDU). The advantage of DDU is that you don’t pay any customs charges up front and you won’t be charged the UK 20% VAT. We will clear your parcel through customs and your duty and handling fees will be deducted from your auction winnings after the first sale.

How much will it cost to sell my bottles at auction?
Our international packing slip calculates an estimate of all the charges so you can estimate how much money you can make selling your rum, whisky, Cognac or wines at auction.

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