Free Valuation

Find out how much your vintage or rare whiskies and spirits are worth. Get your free whisky valuation today.

Do you want to get your whiskies and collectibles valued? At Whisky.Auction we're happy to provide free expert valuations, whether it's to satisfy your interest or for insurance purposes.

What's my bottle worth?

  • Do you have old bottles at the back of your cupboard? Would you like to know the value of your collectible whiskies or fine spirits? Get your valuation now.
  • Do you want to sell your whisky online? We value old and rare whisky.
  • Did you know our team of experienced whisky auctioneers value wines, Champagnes and spirits, not just whisky?
  • We can give you a free valuation of your valuable spirits, whiskeys and wines too.
  • When should I sell my whisky? Should I sell my Karuizawa? Should I sell Macallan or sell rum? Is this old liqueur safe to drink? Whatever your question Whisky.Auction has the most experienced valuations team in the world for bottles/miniatures of Scotch whisky (single malt and blends), Irish whiskey, Japanese whisky, world whiskies, rum, Cognac, Armagnac, gin, liqueurs and other fine spirits.
  • Our spirits valuations give you an indication of the prices they may fetch on Whisky.Auction.
  • Prefer to do it yourself? Find out how to value a bottle of whisky (and other spirits).

Whisky and spirits valuations for insurance

  • If you have bottles of spirits that you think may be of significant value, then it's a good idea to get a valuation for insurance purposes.
  • We can arrange for a valuation report to be carried out by our in-house expert valuation team and emailed to you.
  • The fee for this service is £1 per bottle + £10 administration fee.
    For example;
    • For 3 bottles: £3 + £10
    • For 15 bottles: £15 + £10
  • If you decide to auction your bottles within 3 months we will refund the valuation fee.

* We reserve the right to charge for carrying out valuations of large collections

Bring out your bottles

Do you have old bottles at the back of your cupboard?

It's the second best thing to do with your whisky.

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