Auction end times

Auction end times

Different categories of auction items conclude at different times.

7:30PM Grain Tequila Wine - Europe - Other 7:40PM Armagnac Vodka Wine - Spain 7:50PM Blended Malt Vermouth Wine - France - Other
8:00PM Liqueurs Gin Wine - Burgundy - White 8:10PM Whisky - World - Other Spirits - Other Wine - Burgundy - Red 8:20PM Whiskey - Ireland Wine - Rhone
8:30PM Lowland Wine - New World 8:40PM Campbeltown Wine - Italy 8:50PM Rum Wine - Bordeaux
9:00PM Blended Whisky Champagne 9:10PM Whiskey - USA Fortified & Dessert 9:20PM Whisky - Japan Books
9:30PM Cognac Memorabilia - Other 9:40PM Island Glassware & Ceramics 9:50PM Islay
10:00PM Highland 10:10PM Speyside (non Macallan) 10:20PM Macallan

Whisky.Auction lots end when no more valid bids have been placed in the three minute period before the scheduled or extended finish time.

If a valid bid is made in the final three minute period, then the auction time for that lot is extended to three minutes from when the bid is made.

For example:

Scheduled finish time: 8pm (current winning bid at 7.55pm is £105)

New winning bid of £110 made at 7.59pm, so auction lot extended to 8.02pm

New winning bid of £115 made at 8.01pm, so auction lot extended to 8.04pm

New winning bid of £120 made at 8.02pm, so auction lot extended to 8.05pm

No more bids by 8.05pm, so the £120 bid made at 8.02pm wins

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