Whisky.Action On-Trade

Whisky, wine and spirits auction services for hospitality businesses

The current cocktail renaissance has caused prices of historic ingredients to rise sharply but at the same time buyers can still track down vintage bottles that have shown little appreciation in value at auctions. Bars and restaurants looking to use old and rare ingredients can rely on Whisky.Auction to track down those rare bottles. 

Looking for a specific ingredient for your back bar or vintage cocktail? You can add a search alert on our website to ensure you are alerted as soon as that special bottle goes live in our monthly whisky & spirits auction.

Do you have unopened bottles that are taking up room on your back bar or in storage? Does your accountant want you to free up capital tied up in high value trophy bottles to buy faster moving lines? Use Whisky.Auction to sell surplus stock so that you can quickly reinvest cash back into your business where it is needed most.

Looking for some vintage cocktail inspiration? Alessandro Palazzi, Head Bartender at Dukes, talks about his love for vintage whiskies and spirits in our magazine.

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