Whether or not you're familiar with buying and selling on auction websites, our User Guide is designed to make the process as streamlined as possible for you. We're also on-hand to guide you through the process or to provide some advice, so please do let us know if you'd like some help.


  • We're a London-based team of experts with years of experience in the whisky industry, with access to a huge archive of bottles and contacts.
  • We offer free UK insurance and low shipping costs.
  • We're happy to give free valuations and advice on your whiskies and fine spirits.
  • You’re likely to achieve a higher price selling on whisky.auction than selling via a specialist retailer.
  • We're a great source of old and rare whisky, often for lower prices than via whisky shops.


  • We run a monthly live auction; each auction runs for eight days.
  • In each auction we will list those items received and approved before the cut-off time indicated below.
  • Dates for our 2017 auctions are as follows:
    Cut-off for submissions Auction Live Auction Ends
    Thursday 29 December Sunday 8 January Tuesday 17 January
    Thursday 16 February Sunday 26 February Tuesday 7 March
    Thursday 16 March Sunday 26 March Tuesday 4 April
    Thursday 20 April Sunday 30 April Tuesday 9 May
    Thursday 18 May Sunday 28 May Tuesday 6 June
    Thursday 15 June Sunday 25 June Tuesday 4 July
    Thursday 13 July Sunday 23 July Tuesday 1 August
    Thursday 17 August Sunday 27 August Tuesday 5 September
    Thursday 14 September Sunday 24 September Tuesday 3 October
    Thursday 19 October Sunday 29 October Tuesday 7 November
    Thursday 16 November Sunday 26 November Tuesday 5 December


  • Find out everything you need to know about buying from whisky.auction in a few easy steps here.


  • Selling with us couldn't be easier – see our Selling page for full details.


  • To buy or sell on whisky.auction, you'll need to register and set up your account with us – we're happy to guide you through this if need be, so just let us know if you'd like some help.
  • Registration is free for sellers.
  • For buyers, there is a one-off registration fee of £5.


  • We offer free valuations and advice for your old and rare bottles.
  • We also offer valuation reports for insurance purposes, if you're looking to insure precious whiskies or fine spirits.
  • Discover more in our Valuations section.


  • If there’s something you unsure of, head over to our FAQs page and you should find the answer to your question.


  • Don’t know your bidder from your buyer? Hung-up on hammer prices? Our Glossary section will explain the key terms you need to know.

Bottle fill level guideline

  • On old and rare bottles, we always indicate the fill level of the whisky/spirit inside.
  • Please see the diagram below for a guide to the most commonly used fill-level terms.


  • Not as exciting as bidding on something that's caught your eye, we grant you, but essential nevertheless. Here you’ll find the small print about buying and selling on whisky.auction.
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