Loch Lomond

An auctioneer's guide to Loch Lomond, Scotland's most versatile whisky distillery

Loch Lomond distillery was established in 1966 by Duncan Thomas (then owner of Littlemill) and US firm Barton Brands. The versatile distillery was self sufficient and produced both malt and grain whisky in a variety of stills, and this innovative approach has continued despite a period of closure in the mid 1980s. The distillery's Lomond stills (a type of pot still with rectifying plates in the neck), traditional 'swan neck' copper pot stills, and column stills produce both grain and malt whisky and allow the distillery to produce 11 different distillates for its brands, which include Inchmurrin, Inchmoan, Old Rosdhu, Croftengea and Craiglodge.

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