Cellar Coordinator

Overall Objective of Role

We are looking for a Cellar Coordinator who will relish the opportunity to work with an amazing range of old and rare bottles of whisky and fine spirits as well as customers around the world. The role holder must be able to adjust to a broad and fluid set of tasks as requirements change in this progressive company and will need to demonstrate a genuine attention to detail and a high degree of flexibility in order to meet the demands of the role. It may be necessary on occasions to work outside normal working hours in order to meet the necessary demands of our client base.

The successful candidate will also be trained by the Whisky.Auction Team on all aspects of specialist online spirits auctioneering including how to inspect and catalogue fine, rare and desirable whiskies and other spirits for sale through the website.

Working Relationships

  • Whisky.Auction Director
  • Whisky.Auction Manager
  • Whisky.Auction Process Manager
  • Whisky.Auction team
  • Photography team
  • Marketing & PR team
  • Warehouse/Operations
  • Customer Services team
  • Primary Duties and Responsibilities
  • Receiving
    • Open boxes
    • Check items for damage and fitness for sale
    • ‘Receive’ packing slips
    • Scan handwritten packing slips
    • Scan Packing Slips with hand-written additions
    • Add all relevant information into ‘admin’:
      • Waybill number
      • Reserves
      • First time seller
      • Any other customer requests or important information
  • Putting Away
    • Oversized items on bottom shelf only
    • Minis in drawers only (pending)
    • Full cases at waists height only
    • All standard items (ie bottles) on middle and upper shelves
    • Maximum one lot per location
    • Shelves closest to desks to be used only for:
      • Received items awaiting inputting
      • Rejected items awaiting instructions
      • Pre-existing items awaiting collection
  • Inputting
    • Input items when time allows (or when requested)
  • Proofreading
    • Bring items to proof readers when requested
    • Then return items to the correct location when checks are completed
  • Photography
    • Take listed items to photography room on evening before photos are due to be taken
    • Collect items and put them back in location as soon as photography is completed
  • Picking
    • Be the main contact for pickers’ enquiries: location, missing, etc…
  • Collections
    • Pick collection orders for customers when they arrive or when they are on their way only (max 6bts per case)
    • Scan signed customer collection papers
    • Despatch orders from the system when customers collect
  • Events/training/tastings
    • Pick and pack items for events and other tasting
    • Unpack and check items after they are returned from events
    • Prepare and wash glasses for staff training events

Other responsibilities

  • Meet customers in person to receive or sell bottles and accessories
  • Process shipments in line with requirements
  • Process orders when required
  • Assist with key shows and events on behalf of Whisky.Auction

Key Behaviours

  • Strong organisational skills
  • Self-motivated and results-driven
  • Flexible, reliable and hardworking
  • Able to communicate effectively and get on well with a wide selection of different people
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Well-presented and professional at all times.

Additional Information

Job Ref: WA14

Date Posted: 01-01-2022

Contract Type: Permanent

Salary: £20k-£24k depending on experience

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