COVID-19 Update

By our count this is the fourth time we've prepared to Brexit. So, if we think of the other attempts as rehearsals, we're now well prepared for this new transition period. Like everyone else we still don't know all the details of how things will work but there are a considerable number of activities we have undertaken in preparation.

The most obvious step we've taken is to increase our stock levels of imported products in order to avoid any disruption during the initial transition period.

We've taken up the government's customs and border control training grant scheme, we've currently got several key members of staff studying towards the Level 2 award with the UK Customs Academy so that we have a robust knowledge base across our business.

We've worked closely with our transport providers to ensure they are up to date and ready for the changes at the border.

Finally we are proactively studying and following the government's guidance as the situation evolves.

We aim to keep you updated as Brexit progresses and more becomes known and, as ever, you can contact us if you have any Brexit queries.


Isabel Graham-Yooll
Whisky.Auction Director.

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