UK Alcohol Duty Calculator

Our quick online tool for accurately calculating UK duty on spirits, wine and Champagne

All alcoholic drinks that you buy in UK shops and in our auction are already sold duty paid so you don’t need to pay any additional duty. That means you probably don’t need this duty calculator at all but we often get asked about duty on alcohol so we’ve added this quick reference whisky duty calculator. If you are an international seller then it will be useful to understand UK duty on whiskey and other spirits.

Do you want to quickly calculate the UK duty on spirits, or the UK duty on wine, Champagne or Port?
You can use our quick UK duty calculator for calculating the alcohol duty, not just on spirits, but you can also work out the duty on wine, fortified wine and Champagne too. Our duty calculator lets you know the duty updated on 1 February 2019.

To use the spirits duty calculator you just need to know the size (in litres) of your bottle and the percentage alcohol by volume (%ABV) of your spirit or wine to do a quick UK duty calculation.

How much money will I make if I sell my whisky at auction?
Our spirits duty calculator is just for quick general reference. This won’t tell you how much you will make selling your rum or whiskey at auction.

UK Sellers
If you are a UK seller and you want to know how much your bottles are worth then request a free valuation.

International Sellers
If you are an international seller and you want to calculate how much money you will make by selling spirits at auction or selling wine at auction then use our International Sellers page.

You might be surprised to find out how much you can make by selling your spirits at auction.

Spirits (exceeding 22%)


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